Конкурс "Halloween"

Конкурс "Halloween"

Цель: формирование познавательно-коммуникативных навыков общения, повышение культурного уровня и расширение кругозора учащихся на основе традиций и обычаев праздника "Halloween".


  • образовательная: совершенствовать навыки устной речи, активизировать лексику на тему “Halloween”, дать знания страноведческого характера, познакомить с фольклорным и поэтическим наследием англоязычных стран.
  • развивающая: развивать логическое мышление, интерес к творчеству, инициативу, самостоятельность учащихся.
  • воспитательная: воспитывать у учащихся чувство уважения к истории и культуре страны изучаемого языка, а через это и к своей родной национальной культуре.


  • плакаты, поделки и рисунки, выполненные руками учеников и демонстрирующие главную идею праздника;
  • карточки с новыми лексическими единицами и текстом по данной теме;
  • мультимедийный проектор;
  • экран;
  • магнитофон с аудиозаписью песни.


Ход мероприятия

Welcome to our Halloween party! We have met here to celebrate one of the most popular holidays in English-speaking countries. We will see how well you know English traditions, how quickly you act and think.

You can see our Halloween tree here. Let’s decorate it. And you’ll see who can come to our party. You should speak about them and put your decorations on the tree.

Pupil 1: It's a skeleton. It's the most horrible thing in the cemetery.

Pupil 2: It's a ghost. We can't see them in our houses; they live only in haunted houses.

Pupil 3: It's a black cat. She lives with a witch and helps her to make witch's brew.

Pupil 4: It's a monster. He can have many heads, eyes, mouths, legs, but my monster is kind.

Pupil 5: It's a spider. It makes a web to catch animals and people in it.

Pupil 6: It's a witch. Witches try to do bad things to people.

Pupil 7: It's a bat. Usually bats are peaceful animals, but on Halloween they are vampires.

Pupil 8: It's an owl. It lives in witch's house, frightens people with horrible sounds.

Pupil 9: It's a rat. An awful animal appears in dirty and bad places.

(Дети наряжают ветки рисунками и игрушками, сделанными своими руками)

All these creatures are symbols of Halloween. There are many riddles about these symbols and your classmates will recite some of them. Let’s have fun together and guess the riddles.

  • I fly at night
    because I don't like light
    Who am I? (Bat)
  • I 'm scary and white
    I come out at night.
    Who am I? (Ghost)
  • I've got soft, black fur
    When you hold me I purr.
    Who am I? (Cat)
  • I’ve got a black cat
    And a big pointed hat.
    Who am I? (Witch)
  • I 'm round on all sides.
    I've got a light inside.
    Who am I? (Jack-o-lantern)

Dear witches, ghosts and wizards, would you like to do some other interesting tasks? Two teams are ready to start our contest.

  1. Make up the words out of letters, read and translate them.

a,e,f,r (fear)
s,h,t,g,o (ghost)
a,e,c,s,r (scare)
i,c,h,t,w (witch)
a,e,e,h,l,l,n,o,w (Halloween)

  1. The following task is to put the sentences in order according to the action. We’ll know how you can make Jack-o’-Lantern.
  • Put the candle inside the pumpkin.
  • Cut eyes.
  • Light the candle.
  • Take a huge yellow pumpkin.
  • Cut a nose and a mouth.
  • Put the pumpkin in or near the house.
  1. Try to say the rhymes how children ask the treat with the following word combinations.

For the first team: a penny for Halloween
(The sky is blue, the sky is green
Have you got a penny for Halloween?
Halloween, Halloween.)

For the second team: something good to eat
(Ghost and witches can be seen
Trick or treat, trick or treat!
Give us something good to eat.)

Our jury will control who has done the task correctly.

  1. Pick out the right words and read the sentences.
  • At Halloween children dress up as fairies, witches, father-frosts, ghosts.
  • They visit their teachers, neighbors, parents.
  • They cry: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Trick or Treat.
  • The grown-ups must give them a pudding, a gift (present) fruit, sweets.
  • The children dance, sing, knock at the door.

Now let our jury speak. (The jury gives the information about the results of the contest).

Do you think it is easy to be a ghost? No, no, no… We shall tell you a story about the ghost who could not say “Woo!” A young ghost, Gilly by name was walking about the dusty road. (Выходит привидение.) Then he stopped, sat down on a stone and began crying. At that moment, Vampire was passing by. (Учащиеся разыгрывают сценку.)

Входит вампир: What’s the matter?

Привидение: Oh, Miss Vampire, I can’t say that word.

Вампир: What word?

Привидение: The word all ghosts say when they go out haunting on Halloween.

Вампир: I’d be glad to teach you.

Привидение: You are a real friend.

Вампир: Listen to me, Gilly, “Hush, hush, hush…”

Привидение: No, Miss Vampire, that isn’t the ghost word.

Черный кот: Of course, it isn’t the ghost word. What a silly vampire and what a silly ghost not to know such an important word.

Привидение: You are right. I can’t go haunting if I can’t say that word.

Черный кот: I’ll teach you, “Mew, mew, mew…”

Привидение: I’m sorry but that is not the ghost word either.

Черный кот: Let me think… I know who will teach you. She knows everything.

Выскакивает ведьма на метле.

Привидение: Woo-ooh? That’s it, that’s it! Will you teach me to say that word?

Ведьма: Of course, I will. But Gilly Ghost, that is the best “Woo” I have heard tonight. I’m proud of you. Hop on my broomstick and I’ll take you out to haunt with the other ghosts.

Привидение: Thank you for the lesson, miss Witch.

Вампир и черный кот: Woo! We’ve learnt to “Woo” too.

Ведьма: Anything can happen on Halloween. It’s a magic night.

Привидение (садясь на метлу к ведьме): Good-bye! (уходят)

Вампир и черный кот: Good-bye! We are going haunting too! (уходят).

Let’s finish our party with the song about Halloween (sing together) “ The pumpkin in the patch ”

Pupils are singing a song:

The pumpkin in the patch, the pumpkin in the patch,
Hi –ho on Halloween, the pumpkin in the patch.
The pumpkin calls a witch, the pumpkin calls a witch
Hi –ho on Halloween, the pumpkin calls a witch.
The witch calls a bat, the witch calls a bat,
Hi –ho on Halloween, the witch calls a bat.
The bat calls a ghost, the bat calls a ghost,
Hi –ho on Halloween, the bat calls a ghost.
The ghost scares us all, the ghost scares us all,
Hi –ho on Halloween, the ghost scares us all!

At the end of the party all the children get sweets after crying “trick or treat”.

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